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Darkening Vegetable Tanned Leather

The netbook bag in picture below has been darkened using three applications of oil.  This is the bag I have used every day for 9 months, as you can see from the scratches.  The oil is wiped or brushed onto the surface of bag and allowed to soak into the leather.  The oil will disperse evenly in the leather with time - don't worry about brush marks, just try to make the coat of oil as even as you can over the bag.  Apply light coats - you can always add more later.  Let the bag sit for at least 4 hours for the oil to even and be fully absorbed and distributed before you decide on another coat.  About 20 minutes after the oil has been applied, the surface of the leather feels dry and does not feel oily.

The recommended oil for darkening vegetable tanned leather is pure Neatsfoot oil.  Neatsfoot oil can be found in many sporting goods and shoe / boot stores and is a traditional leather preservative.  It can also be found at Amazon.  The oil also helps the leather to repel water and give the leather a softer feel.



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