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I have been a Locum Tenens (temporary assignments) physician for a
while now and the work takes me all over the country and on several
occasions outside as well. This means a lot of drivng and many
flights. My computer is essential to me and goes everywhere I do,
but the size of a standard laptop is a significant inconvinience
factor especially at the airport. For that reason I invested in a
notebook (Acer one) computer which cuts down the size and weight
considerably, but the problem of having to use a standard size laptop
case defeats the purpose of buying a "mini-computer".

The Two23 computer case caught my eye and the description made sense,
but it was only after seeing it in person that I realized the true quality.
The leather is trully thick, very high quality, and the construction solid.
The design is perfect for my frequent travel needs and the fact that it
also accomodates my other small but essential electronics including
I-Pod, camera, and the basic computer equipment and accessories and
does so in specially designed compartments was trully impressive.
Last but not least it is small enough to fit anywhere and has become
the perfect mate for my Acer One.

To say the least, this is a trully a high quality product for a busy
professional or a frequent traveler. If one of the reasons you
invested in a notebook computer is to enjoy the freedom and
convinience of being able to do more with having to carry less, you
will love this product.

Sergey Sorin, MD


I have one of these, and I gotta say I love it… and I don’t even use
it for my netbook!

I found that this bag the perfect size to carry three Moleskin notebooks,
and I use the “false floor” in it for the chargers for my iPod and
Blackberry Curve. Besides the amazing craftsmanship of the bag, I *really*
like the leather!


C.J. Steele



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