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I do what you do – live in a world where technology is becoming something you take with you.  It helps with work, entertains you, lets you live a fuller and more productive life.
With the good, there is also some bad. When you go some place, it is not just the netbook – you need the netbook, a mouse, charger and cord. Maybe a thumb drive or two. A charging cable for your cell phone.  Don’t forget the MP3 player, earphones, and charging cable. A camera and data / charging cable might be nice too.  How about a paperback or Kindle to read on the plane?  You really don’t have a “thing” to take with you – it is better described as a “pile”.  And, it is an expensive “pile”.  You do not want to check any of this stuff at the counter to have it broken or lost. Keep it safe.  Keep it with you.
There were basically two options open to carry all of this stuff – a full size notebook bag or a back pack.  A good notebook bag will hold everything well, but it is much bigger than you need.  A backpack is also bigger than needed for the netbook and most do not have the ability to organize your stuff well.  Some netbook bags are available, but they are not designed to hold the other electronics and support materials – mainly just the netbook.  The full size notebook bag and backpack are really much bigger than you need and the backpack will not keep things organized well.  Bigger may not be better – you bought the netbook to give yourself more freedom when you travel away from the office.  What does the extra freedom really do for you if the little netbook is in a full size notebook bag?
This bag was designed to hold all of the things that you want to have with you.  There is a large main compartment that is easy to get to, just open the flap.  There is room here for your netbook and a paperback or note pad.  Under the thick leather flap at the bottom of the main compartment is space for the charger and power cords.  There is room here for a network cable too.
There is another compartment at the front of the bag that opens with a couple of zippers.  This compartment has pockets for the rest of your electronics.  A special pocket for a notebook size mouse, three pockets for MP3 players, cameras, cell phones.  There are six easy to access USB thumb drive pockets.  Also a business card holder and a place for pens. The bottom of this area has space for cords and adaptors and earphones – almost anything that does not fit in the pockets.
Because this bag has been designed well, it makes good use of the space inside so it does not need to be big on the outside.  I always stow it under the seat in front of me on the plane so I can have access to it during the flight.  The small size means it is easy to put under the seat – even under most window seats.  The long strap can be tucked into the magazine holder so you don’t need to contort yourself to reach the bag – just pull the strap.
This bag is made using top grain leather that goes through a 5 day dying process to add color all the way through the vegetable tanned leather. Most of the leather in the bag is very thick – like a heavy belt or a saddlebag.  Heavy leather will give protection to what is inside of the bag and make the bag wear well.  Most notebook bags are made from very thin leather to keep the cost down – the leather is split and the suede from the back of the leather is sold to someone else.  The thin leather is really only about 0.8 mm thick to keep the cost low and make it easy to sew.  This netbook bag is made from much thicker leather – mainly 2.75 mm thick leather.
Most leather that is used to make bags is made using only surface color – wear and scratches show up over time as very light colored natural leather on the darker background of the surface color.  This kind of leather does not get marked easily since it is more of a paint than a dye, but the marks show up with a lot of contrast to the color of the leather as the thin layer of color is worn through.  The most noticeable wear with this type of leather is at the edges and corners of the bag.  These areas will see more wear from everyday use and will become very light in color.  Through dyed leather will take marks easily, but not with great contrast – more like just a change in shade of color where the mark is.  This gives the bag character with time. It becomes unique - your bag.  It will remind you of where you have been, kind of like an old friend that travels with you.

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